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USCAP's Interactive Learning Center

The principal focus of fundraising for this pillar, is the unique Interactive Learning Center in Palm Springs, California, for teaching interactive microscopy, ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration biopsy and new methodologies, with a broadcast studio and conference theater which delivers high content programs to low-resource countries.

Combining a desirable location with cutting-edge technology, USCAP’s Linder Learning Center and Powers-Sanchez Interactive Center are revolutionizing the way we learn and communicate.

Located in Palm Springs, California, this beautifully designed, state-of-the-art learning environment offers a conference theater and production studio where groups can host, record, edit, and share with a global audience every sound and sight of their meetings, lectures, product launches, and training programs.

USCAP, an international organization of pathologists, conceived the Interactive Learning Center as a destination for the world’s top experts to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with their peers and students around a multi-headed scope and share knowledge not only with each other, but also with doctors around the world via live-streams and webcasts. 

USCAP offers the distinctive lecture theater, meeting and event space, sound stage, and broadcast studio to a variety of businesses and organizations. Likewise, medical organizations can access the microscopy classrooms and take advantage of the ability to broadcast and package the content for distribution.

USCAP’s Linder Learning Center and Powers-Sanchez Interactive Center represent the next generation of learning, information transfer and communication. Imagine the possibilities and realize them here in Palm Springs.